Butler County Donut Trail

Butler County Donut Trail

“Grab your donut loving family and friends and head out on a sweet trail in Butler County, Ohio. Follow the trail to find all of the delicious mom-and-pop donut shops. Prep for your trail travels by downloading a map and passport. Once you’ve conquered all of the donut shops stops with your passport you’ll be rewarded with the official Donut Trail T-shirt!”

Ok, I know this has nothing to do with wine, but who does not love donuts and after you eat them all you get a nifty t-shirt. After the sugar shock wears off you can head over to Hanover Winery (www.hanoverwinery.com) and try one of their 25+ wines. Try the Dammit Anne and the Unleashed.

More information and other adventures you can find in Butler County, Ohio visit The Butler County Visitors Bureau at https://www.gettothebc.com/.

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