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Wineries we have visited.

Caesar Creek Vineyards

Caesar Creek Vineyards

A couple of miles down a few one lane roads leads you to a beautiful vineyard surrounding a lake. Down a long and twisty gravel drive leads you to a wonderful winery and tasting room. We sat down at the counter and tasted a few of the wines they had available.

The Frontenac Gris and the Just Cherry were our favorites and we sat out under the covered patio and enjoyed a glass. You can walk the grape vines and they have both covered and non-covered patios and clean bathrooms. As is obvious, we enjoy the sweeter wines, but thier Brix and Frontenac were both very tasty.

Caesar Creek Is well hidden, I already mentioned the one lane roads, but well worth the trip. We went and walked though Caesar Creek Flea Market before the winery and it made a very enjoyable day trip.

Visit their website at for more information about this wonderful winery and don’t forget you VIP tickets.

Meranda-Nixon Winery

Meranda-Nixon Winery

We have been to quite a few wineries in the last year but Meranda-Nixon is one of the most inviting we have found. The owners made us feel very welcome and were enthusiastic about not only their wines but wines from their neighbors and Ohio in general. We picked up our Ohio Wines Cork Board and got our first cork. They shared with us their wines and made us feel like long lost friends. They encouraged us to continue our quest to visit the other Ohio wineries and even mentioned a few of their favorites.

If you are looking for a light summer sweet wine we recommend the Trotter White Wine and for something a little drier (but not too dry) we recommend the Red Oak Creek (not oaked but named after the creek on their property).

If you are looking for great wine, wonderful asnosphere and lively conversations about wine, grapes and life in general Meranda-Nixon should be on your MUST visit list.

For more information and directions please visit their web site at or on facebook @merandanixonwinery.

Also if you are hungry we recommend stopping at the Lake Manor Restaurant.