Caesar Creek Vineyards

Caesar Creek Vineyards

A couple of miles down a few one lane roads leads you to a beautiful vineyard surrounding a lake. Down a long and twisty gravel drive leads you to a wonderful winery and tasting room. We sat down at the counter and tasted a few of the wines they had available.

The Frontenac Gris and the Just Cherry were our favorites and we sat out under the covered patio and enjoyed a glass. You can walk the grape vines and they have both covered and non-covered patios and clean bathrooms. As is obvious, we enjoy the sweeter wines, but thier Brix and Frontenac were both very tasty.

Caesar Creek Is well hidden, I already mentioned the one lane roads, but well worth the trip. We went and walked though Caesar Creek Flea Market before the winery and it made a very enjoyable day trip.

Visit their website at for more information about this wonderful winery and don’t forget you VIP tickets.

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